Yobit.Net Users : CAUTION!


Thier Bitcoin Address changes frequently. So before you send any Coins to Yobit Wallet. Make sure, You are sending to your Updated Yobit Wallet.

Take this Recent Example. I recently lost my 1400 Rupee worth Bitcoins. Because I send the Bitcoin from Zebpay to Yobit using the address saved in my Zebpay History.

When finally, I discovered that, this (see screenshot).


I don’t know what’s the logic behind changing the Bitcoin Address of a Wallet frequently.

So make sure that you always send your Bitcoins to new updated Address. Some wallet company change your Wallet each and everything, you do any Transaction to ensure the privacy of transactions.

The wallet like Unocoin provides a Permanent Bitcoin Address. So cross check whenever you sharing your address with someone. Check it out, whether it’s temporary address which changes frequently or is a permanent address.

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